Controlling the order of methods

The default method order

By default, DapperDox will use the summary member of method declarations to determine the order that methods are listed in the navigation and summary pages, effectively listing them in alphabetical order of summary.

This may not be appropriate for your API, for example you may feel that your REST API should have its methods ordered by operation name. DapperDox provides an extenstion to give you a flexible level of control.

Changing the method order

DapperDox allows specification writers to set the order that methods are listed. To do this, add an x-sortMethodsBy extension to the top level OpenAPI specification.

This extension takes an ARRAY of values. For example:

    "swagger": "2.0",
    "x-sortMethodsBy": ["path","operation","summary"],
    "info": {
        "title": "Example API",
        "description" : "Showing how x-sortMethodsBy is used",
        "version": "1.0.0"

This tells DapperDox to sort methods first by path, then those with the same path will be sorted by operation, and finaly, those with the same operation will be sorted by summary.

x-sortMethodsBy can take the following values:

value description
path The path/URL of the method
method The HTTP method-name, such as get, post and put.
operation The operation-name of the method. Contents controlled by x-operationName
summary The summary member of the method declaration
navigation If navigating by method name, then this is equivalent to summary, otherwise it equivalent to operation

You do not need to supply multiple values to the x-sortMehtodsBy array, but where you are sorting by an entity that contains duplicate values in your API (such as operation and there are multiple gets defined), then you may find that the order of these duplicate operation values is not consistent. Supplying additional sort criteria allows you to lock this ordering down.