Rewriting documentation URLs

The authored documentation you are combining with your swagger specifications often will not contain URLs that are correct for the environment being documented.

For example, the specification guides may contain the production URLs, which are not appropriate when the documentation is being served up in a development or test environment.

DapperDox allows you to rewrite these documentation URLs on the fly, so that they match the environment they are being served from. To do this, you specify the URL pattern that should be rewritten from and to, by passing the -document-rewrite-url configuration parameter. The parameter takes a {from}={to} pair, such as:

You may also choose to use placeholders in your documentation, instead of real URLs, so that you replace the placeholder with a valid URL:

<a href="MY_DOMAIN/some/document">Some link</a>

which would be rewritten with:


There is nothing special about MY_DOMAIN in the above example, it is merely a convention. You can use any expansion text you like.

You may pass multiple -document-rewrite-url parameters to DapperDox, to have it replace multiple URLs or placeholders, particularly useful if you additionally need to configure URLs such as CDN location.

See Configuration guide for further information on configuring DapperDox.