Beautiful, integrated, OpenAPI documentation

Why DapperDox?

DapperDox is Open-Source, and provides rich, out-of-the-box, rendering of your OpenAPI specifications, seamlessly combined with your GitHub Flavoured Markdown documentation, guides and diagrams.

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Open API

Publish your Open API Swagger specifications like never before.

Multiple specifications

Document multiple API specifications as a suite of products, and cross-reference as required.

Author in markdown

Author full documentation in Github Flavoured Markdown, and seamlessly overlay onto your Swagger API documentation.

API explorer

The built-in API explorer enables API experimentation from within the documentation pages, and can seamlessly integrate into your authentication and API key model.

Site integration

DapperDox can proxy your developer platform, allowing full integration of API key generation and management alongside your specifications and guides.

Multi theme

Change themes and present your documentation in the style you like!

DapperDox use case

DapperDox was created by API documentation authors for one purpose: to improve the quality and usability of the API documentation they were providing for other developers.

They needed the flexibility to structure and style the pages the way they wanted; to be able to author readable guides and have them form part of a cohesive set of documentation along with the API specifications; to allow relevent documentation to be injected right into the rendered specification page, just where it was needed.

DapperDox is the result. Simply point DapperDox at your OpenAPI Swagger specifications, add some documentation and DapperDox does the rest.

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