DapperDox page types

DapperDox documentation is made up of six page types, listed below, each of which may be overlaid with custom content.

Specification list page

This page lists the API specifications that are available for reference, and is the default homepage when multiple specifications are loaded by DapperDox. If documenting a single specification this page is not shown, unless forced to by a configuration option.

Specification summary page

This page lists the all APIs defined by a specification, grouped by api-group. It is the first page displayed when a specification is selected from the specification-list, and the default homepage when a single specification is loaded by DapperDox.

API group summary page

This page lists the API operations within a single api-group.

Method page

This page describes an API method (or operation), giving the request parameters, responses and includes an embedded API explorer.

Resource page

This page describes an API resource that may be produced or consumed by an API.


This is the collective name given to the bespoke authored documentation you have provided to supplement that which DapperDox generates from the Swagger specification. See writing guides for further details.