Terms used by DapperDox


The identifier assigned to each specification Swagger loads. It is derived from the specifications info.title member, which DapperDox lower cases and hyphen delimits (kebab casing).

For example, a specification title of "My API suite" produces a specification-ID of my-api-suite.


A logical grouping of API operations. Grouping will be made based on the tag if tagging is used by the specification, in which case api-group is set to the kebab case of the tag's description member if present, or the tag name if not.

If tagging is not in use, then api-group is set to the kebab case of the operation's x-pathName member if present, otherwise the operation's summary member is used.


The identifier given to an operation. It is most importantly used to determine the correct content overlay to apply.

It is formed by taking the kebab case of the first in the following list of operation members that yields a value:

  1. operationID
  2. x-opererationName
  3. summary
  4. method name

where method name is method-name below. Therefore, it is possible for operation-ID and method-name to be the same value.


The name of the HTTP method for an operation, such as get, post and put.


The operation-name of an operation is either its HTTP method (see method-name), or the name given by the DapperDox extension x-operationName which may be added to an operation. See controlling method names.

Specification list page

This page lists the API specifications that are available for reference, and is the default homepage when multiple specifications are loaded by DapperDox. It is not normally displayed when a single specification is loaded.

Specification summary page

This page lists the all APIs defined by a specification, grouped by api-group. It is the first page displayed when a specification is selected from the specification-list, and the default homepage when a single specification is loaded by DapperDox.

API group summary page

This page lists the API operations within a single api-group.