DapperDox configuration

DapperDox can be configured using command line options or, in line with the twelve-factor app recommendations, through environment variables.

Configuration options

Option Environment variable Description
-assets-dir ASSETS_DIR Assets to serve. Effectively the document root.
-bind-addr BIND_ADDR IP address and port number that DapperDox should serve content from. Value takes the form <IP address>:<port>.
-default-assets-dir DEFAULT_ASSETS_DIR Used to point DapperDox at its default assets. You Will need to provide this option if you are not running DapperDox from within it's distribution directory. For example, if you invoke DapperDox as <path_to_dapperdox_distribution>/dapperdox then you must pass this configuration option as -default-assets-dir=<path_to_dapperdox_distribution>/assets.
-document-rewrite-url DOCUMENT_REWRITE_URL Specify a URL that is to be rewritten in the documentation. May be multiply defined. Format is from=to. This is applied to assets, not to OpenAPI specification generated text.
-log-level LOGLEVEL Log level (info, debug, trace)
-spec-dir SPEC_DIR OpenAPI specification (swagger) directory.
-spec-filename SPEC_FILENAME The filename of the OpenAPI specification file within the spec-dir. Defaults to spec/swagger.json
-site-url SITE_URL Public URL of the documentation service. Used by -spec-rewrite-url if no =to is supplied to the rewrite.
-spec-rewrite-url SPEC_REWRITE_URL The URLs in the OpenAPI specifications to be rewritten as site-url, or to the to URL if the value given is of the form from=to. Applies to OpenAPI specification text, not asset files.
-theme THEME Name of the theme to render documentation.
-themes-dir THEMES_DIR Directory containing installed themes.
-force-specification-list FORCE_SPECIFICATION_LIST When DapperDox is serving a single OpenAPI specification, then by default it will show the API summary page when serving the homepage. Instead, you can force DapperDox to show the list of available specifications (as it would if there were more than one specification) with this option. This is necessary if you have global documentation guides which live outside the specification. Takes the value true or false.
-author-show-assets AUTHOR_SHOW_ASSETS Setting this value to true will enable an assets search path pane at the foot of every API reference page. This shows the path order that DapperDox will scan to find GFM content overlay or replacement files. Takes the value true or false.
-proxy-path PROXY_PATH Configures a path prefix that is to be reverse-proxied to another service. Value takes the form source-path=service-host/destination/path. If destination-path is given, this will prefix the source-path that is passed to the service. See reverse proxy for further details..
-tls-certificate TLS_CERTIFICATE Enables HTTPS. The path and filename of the TLS certificate to load. Must be accompanied by the -tls-key configuration.
-tls-key TLS_KEY Enables HTTPS. The path and filename of the TLS private key to load. Must be accompanied by the -tls-certificate configuration.

Multiple values

Some configuration parameters can take multiple values, either by specifying the parameter multiple times on the command lines, or by comma separating multiple values when using environment variables.