Metadata can be added to the start of guide documentation written in GitHub Flavoured Markdown (GFM) to control and configure its entry in the site navigation.

The following metadata is recognised by DapperDox. All other metadata entries will be ignored.


The Navigation metadata entry describes how the page is integrated into the site navigation. The navigation value is a path that defines the page placement in the navigation tree. With the default theme, guides are placed before the reference documentation in the navigation.

For example, a page containing the metadata Navigation: Examples/A markdown example creates a navigation section called Examples and places that page beneath it, with the description A markdown example.


The order in which guides are listed in the page side navigation is controlled with SortOrder metadata. SortOrder can take any alphanumeric string, but may be clearer if numeric only values are used. Each page is assigned the sort order defined by the metadata, otherwise it is assigned the relative URI path (/guides/.....) as its sort order.

Where pages are grouped by a parent section, the parent section receives the lowest sort order of its children, unless it is a page in its own right. Assigning a numeric sort order range per section makes it easy to manage the ordering of sections, and the pages within a section. This can be illustrated by the following tree, where pages have been give numeric SortOrder metadata entries, assigning blocks of 100 per section:

  • 100 Overview
    • 100 - A page
    • 150 - Another page
  • 210 Getting Started
    • 210 - Getting started page one
    • 250 - Getting started page two
  • 300 Examples
    • 300 - Examples page one
    • 350 - Examples page two
  • 400 Top level page one
  • 420 Top level page two


You may provide GitHub Flavoured Markdown pages containing content to be overlaid on top of reference documentation generated by DapperDox. These pages are marked as such with the boolean metadata entry Overlay: true.

Special embedded tags within the GFM page target sections within API, method and resource pages, inserting the associated documentation at those sections. See Overlays for further details.